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Ventolin (Salbutamol) 100mcg and 200mcg inhalers online

Ventolin spray is an effective inhalers prescribed to treat asthma and other respiratory conditions on a needs-be basis. It can also be used during an asthma attack to relieve symptoms, before exercise and on a daily basis along with a preventer treatment option.

Ventolin is a prescription medicine. If you want to order any blue inhalers online, you will need a doctor’s prescription. The doctors from our partnersite can provide you with a prescription and order of salbutamol spray. Just complete the short questionnaire so that the doctor can evaluate your medical data. Ordering and delivery of the medication will then be processed online.

Buy Ventolin online: Frequently asked questions

The first part of our FAQ section answers all questions about how to buy Ventolin inhalers online.

How can I buy Ventolin online?

Buying Ventolin online will always require a prescription from a certified doctor. This means you will always complete a consultation, however, this doesn’t need to be a doctor’s appointment arranged face-to-face; it can be done online. At our partnersite 121doc you can complete a short consultation (or questionnaire) with all the relevant queries your doctor would ask you at a booked in-person appointment. This includes all health questions regarding your condition and medical history. Once a medical professional licensed in the UK has reviewed the consultation, your dosage and quantity of Ventolin inhalers can be ordered, or an alternative treatment or advice might be offered if Ventolin is unsuitable.

If any site offers you Ventolin, or any asthma treatment, without a prescription first there is a high chance the medication is not genuine – counterfeit – and may even be unsafe for you to use. This is illegal in the UK.

Where can I buy Ventolin online?

You can buy Ventolin online from reputable pharmacies. However, there are number of factors you can look out for in the UK to ensure that the online pharmacy you have chosen is 100% verified. For example, you will always need to complete a consultation, if not, steer clear. This is a good sign that the online pharmacy is safe for you to use. This means a professional will be reviewing your medical details to guarantee the medication, dosage and quantity is correct.

A site could not have a qualified doctor however, so there are some additional factors to look out for in the form of compulsory regulations. More on this is written below.

Is it safe to buy Ventolin online?

To confirm that any websites offering prescription medications are 100% safe and reputable, there are regulations compulsory for the UK. These logos should be clearly displayed on the site and should be linkable to the online certificate. This includes the following:

  • Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)
  • General Pharmaceutical Council (GPC)

In addition, you should ensure that you are buying Ventolin from a direct source and not a third party. With 121doc the entire process is done within the site; the doctors and pharmacy are employed by the company and are fully registered to work in the UK. There should also be a data secure logo to protect your personal, medical and payment details. In the case of 121doc, this is the Norton Secure badge, which means no details regarding your order, billing or payment will be passed onto third parties. There’s also additional benefits such as Malware Scanning.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, you can look out for is CO2 Neutral. This is a logo that ensures you that the respective company uses renewable energy resources and all government recommended environmental processes.

What is included in the price of Ventolin?

The price of Ventolin can vary, especially when buying online as additional factors such as delivery are involved. At our partnersite 121doc the cost of Ventolin inhalers is all-inclusive of the consultation and delivery costs, whilst other pharmacies may add this on at the end.

At 121doc the initial cost of Ventolin inhalers includes:

  • Online doctor’s consultation
  • Prescription costs
  • The inhaler(s)
  • Packaging costs
  • Delivery costs
  • Customer support

Next-day delivery or nominated day delivery via Royal Mail is free of charge. The only additional cost will be same-day delivery if this is required.

What delivery options are available for Ventolin?

The doctor will sign a prescription slip for Ventolin after verifying your consultation. Instead of sending it to your person, this is sent directly to the pharmacy based in London. The pharmacist will also double-check your Ventolin inhaler and your medical details before it is finally dispatched. Your address is entirely up to you as 121doc does not include any logos or branding on the packaging if you would rather have some discretion when ordering Ventolin. Your chosen address is entirely that; our partnersite does not include any logo, name or branding on any Ventolin orders. This means you can get your package delivered to your workplace or shared accommodation without worry that confidentiality will be breached.

Can I return Ventolin that I’ve bought online?

Once Ventolin has been dispatched, it cannot be returned. Being a prescription medication, if you don’t require the inhalers, they must be disposed of. If the packaging of your order looks to have been damaged or tampered with then contact your online pharmacy’s customer service for further information.

What payment options are there for Ventolin?

Ventolin can be paid for in the following ways from our partnersite 121doc:

  • VISA credit and debit cards
  • Mastercard credit and debit cards
  • Bank transfer

Is my personal data saved when ordering Ventolin online?

Our partnersite 121doc uses Norton Secure to ensure that your medical history and personal details are kept secure. It works in various ways to protect your information including using encrypted data transmission. Norton Secure also has regular Malware Scans.

How do I know I’ve bought genuine Ventolin?

There are a couple of tactics to use when buying genuine Ventolin inhalers online in the UK. As well as filling out a consultation with all the relevant information when obtaining an inhaler. There are also the UK regulators as mentioned above to look out for. These are good signs that the website is fully registered to sell prescription medications in Britain. Lastly, look at the inhaler yourself. Is it the usual packaging? Does it come with a patient leaflet? Is the casing authentic? Is the medication within the expiry date? If you have any queries regarding your package of Ventolin, contact the customer service associated with said website before using any of the medication.

Is it possible to buy Ventolin without a doctor’s prescription?

You will not be able to order effective asthma treatment in the UK without needing a consultation and prescription first. This is to ensure a registered doctor has approved the treatment for you.

Getting every inhaler via a physical appointment with your doctor can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve had the chronic condition for decades. Luckily you can order online without the hassle of booking and attending an appointment for Ventolin you know works for you.

Ventolin: Frequently asked questions

The second part of our FAQ section answers all questions about Ventolin Salbutamol.

How can I buy Ventolin online?

If you want to buy Ventolin, you will need a prescription. For most online-clinics, you will need an existing prescription from your doctor, in order to get a follow-up or repeat prescription for your online purchase. With this check-up process the doctor of the online-clinic makes sure, that you are actually suffering from asthma and are suitable to buy Ventolin.

What is Ventolin?

Ventolin, also called albuterol or salbutamol, is a bronchodilator – a medication that causes the bronchi to widen so that muscles in the airway relax and airflow to the lungs is increased.

What is it used for?

Ventolin is a reliever inhaler used as a quick relief solution for the prevention and treatment of asthma. It works within minutes to alleviate symptoms associated with this common condition such as shortness of breath and wheezing. Ventolin can also be used for other respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Furthermore, it is used for the prevention of exercise-induced asthma.

What’s the difference between Evohaler and Accuhaler?

The common method of ingesting this treatment is via inhaler, of which there are two prominent types:

  • Evohaler: Also referred to as an aerosol inhaler or metered dose inhaler, this device delivers the drug in the form of a fine mist. It requires you to synchronize your inhalation with the moment you press down on the canister for release. Evohalers can also be used in conjunction with spacer devices (a plastic tube placed in-between your mouth and the inhaler). The Evohaler is the standard format for Ventolin, and spacers can be used if you have some difficulty.
  • Accuhaler: This inhaler delivers the drug as dry powder via blisters that contain specific doses. The Accuhaler requires you to slide its lever, which causes a blister to open and a powdered dose to become ready for inhalation. Following this, you have to exhale fully, bring your lips to the mouthpiece and inhale the powder by breathing in deeply and steadily via your mouth. This style of inhaler is ideal for individuals who have difficulty using the Evohaler.

How to use Ventolin

Ventolin has to be used precisely as per the instructions of your doctor. You must follow the directions present in the patient leaflet included with every inhaler for safe use. Before using the medication, discuss the specific risks and benefits it could have for you with a medical professional.

The following instructions are relevant only to standard inhalers and nebulizers. Consult your doctor if you are taking the drug in any other form.

  • Before it can be used for the first time, the inhaler has to be primed by shaking it well and spraying it up to four times, directed away from your face. The same procedure must be repeated if the inhaler hasn’t been used for a fortnight or more, or if it has been dropped.

To ingest Ventolin via the inhaler once it has been primed, you can do the following:

  • Thoroughly shake the canister before each inhalation.
  • Uncap the inhaler’s mouthpiece, and exhale completely. Bring the mouthpiece to your lips slowly breathe in as you push the canister down. Hold your breath for ten seconds, then slowly exhale.
  • Maintain a one-minute interval between inhalations, if multiple are prescribed at the same time. With Ventolin, the most common dosage each time is two puffs.
  • The inhaler must be kept clean and dry, with the mouthpiece capped when not in use. To keep the inhaler clean, the canister has to be removed and the mouthpiece placed under warm, running water for half a minute, each week. The residual water drops must be shaken out and the components left to dry in the air, before they can be reassembled. It’s important to keep the canister dry throughout, only cleaning the plastic nozzle and plastic outer casing.

How does it work?

Ventolin acts on the beta 2 receptors present in the lungs, stimulating them to cause relaxation of the airways’ muscles. This, in turn, results in the widening of the airways, alleviating conditions such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma.

What is the active ingredient?

All forms of Ventolin contain salbutamol as their active ingredient. This substance is classified as a short-acting beta 2 agonist. Note that the term salbutamol is frequently used synonymously with Ventolin itself.

Who can use Ventolin?

Ventolin can be used by individuals suffering from COPD or asthma, to treat or alleviate the condition’s symptoms, but only when they aren’t suffering from a disease or allergy, or prescribed to a drug that could be triggered, affected or complicated by it. It generally prescribed to asthmatics with mild to moderate symptoms, and can be used in conjunction with certain other preventer inhalers. This is discussed in greater detail in the Precautions/Interactions section below.

How long does Ventolin last?

Clinical studies focusing on the improvement in forced expiratory volume per second caused by consumption of the drug (by both adults and children) found that the mean effectiveness duration of Ventolin to be four hours, after two doses has been taken.

What are the dosages?

The usual prescribed dosage for treating acute bronchospasm, or preventing its symptoms, is two inhalations spaced by at least four hours apart. A single inhalation after four hours may be enough for some cases. It is not recommended to exceed this pattern, which is applicable to both children and adults.

For preventing bronchospasm caused by exercise, the dosage is two inhalations, 15-20 minutes prior to the workout. This is applicable to adults as well as children older than four years.

What are the side effects?

While it’s likely that you won’t suffer from any side effects, it is important to know about them, just in case you do. The following side effects may be experienced with Ventolin:

Tremors, headache, nervousness, irritation of throat and/or mouth, altered taste, nausea, dizziness or coughing might be experienced temporarily – if they become aggravated or persistent, consult your doctor. Elevated blood pressure can also be a consequence. Monitor your blood pressure periodically and inform your doctor of any abnormality.

Serious side effects, such as a fast or palpable heartbeat must be reported to the doctor straight away. Very serious side effects (rare), are irregular heartbeat, confusion, rapid breathing and chest pain: seek immediate help if you experience any of them.

In some extremely rare cases, you might experience a sudden aggravation of your asthma. This is known as paradoxical bronchospasm and is characterized by sudden wheezing. Immediate medical assistance must be sought to combat this.

As far as allergies go, this drug has been known to trigger serious reactions, however this is extremely rare. Regardless, symptoms such as extreme dizziness, labored breathing, rash, or itching/swelling of the throat, tongue or face, will necessitate medical attention.

The collection of side effects mentioned above is not exhaustive, speak with your doctor immediately if you experience any other odd symptom.

What are the precautions / interactions?

Before consuming this medication, be sure to inform your doctor if you’ve had a history of allergic reactions, especially to drugs similar to Ventolin e.g. terbutaline, metaproterenol, levalbuterol etc. You should also let your doctor know of medical conditions such as seizures, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, angina, or hypertension.

This drug can have a dizzying effect, so stay clear of activities that require constant attention e.g. driving, sports, handling heavy machinery etc. Also avoid consumption of alcoholic drinks around the time of inhalation. Prior to a surgery, tell your surgeon if you’re prescribed to Ventolin.

Pregnant women are advised to consume this drug only when it’s explicitly needed, and after having discussed the benefits and risks with their doctor. The drug has been known to pass into breast milk in minute quantities that are unlikely to affect the baby. If you’re still in doubt, consult your physician.

Medications such as atenolol, timolol or propranolol, which are classified as beta blockers and have the opposite effect to Ventolin, should not be taken by patients using the latter. Medicines such as corticosteroids, diuretics, other beta 2 agonists, and xanthine derivatives must also be avoided, since they may seriously reduce potassium levels in the blood when their effect is combined with that of Ventolin.

As many as 760 drugs have interactions with Ventolin. In order to establish potential interactions in your specific case, you’ll have to talk to your doctor.