Getting A Ventolin Prescription – Evohaler and Accuhaler

Since Ventolin is a prescriptive medication, you can not buy it without a valid prescription from a doctor. This article explains, how you can get an online prescription from licensed online clinics.

How to get a prescription for Ventolin

If you have been experiencing symptoms such as a wheezing, coughing, short or troubled breathing, you may be suffering from asthma, a condition characterised by oversensitive bronchial airways. You must visit your general practitioner or an asthma specialist, who will diagnose your condition; if it is asthma, you will be prescribed medication for alleviating and preventing its symptoms.

The most commonly prescribed medicine for treating asthma is Ventolin (aka salbutamol), which is usually taken in by means of an inhaler. The inhaler can be of two types:

Evohaler: Also referred to as a metered dose inhaler (MDIs), this blue coloured Ventolin inhaler has been around for decades. It is comprised of a small canister fixed into a plastic body ending in a mouthpiece. Pressing the canister releases a specified dose of Ventolin, which you inhale via your mouth.

Those who find it difficult to coordinate their breath intake with the pressing of the canister may use a spacer. This is a plastic oval shaped container that acts as a buffer area for the released dose, so the patient may consume it without having to time their breath.

Accuhaler: The accuhaler is a dry powder inhaler that does not require pressing/pumping to release Ventolin. This type of inhaler relies on a mechanical twist or turn to free a single dose. A click indicates that the dose is ready to be inhaled. You do not have to synchronize your breath for consuming the dose.

You may discuss changing your Evohaler prescription to an Accuhaler prescription with your doctor if you find the former difficult to manage. This can be for one or a number of reasons.

Getting a prescription for the first time

Getting a prescription will require you to visit a medical practitioner in person. Once the medication runs out, you’ll have to get a new prescription to refill your stock.

Residents of Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland do not have to pay for their Ventolin prescriptions, whereas residents of England have to pay £8.40 per prescription item. There are certain conditions under which even English residents are exempt from NHS prescription charges. The NHS has a dedicated Low Income Scheme helpline for assisting people in determining their free prescription eligibility. Details are also available on the NHS website.

Getting repeat prescriptions

For those who fail to meet the criteria for free prescriptions, one way to cut medication costs are by minimising the number of trips to their GP. Some people may want to reduce their visits to the doctor simply because it is an inconvenient journey for them. A repeat prescription allows you to refill your medications without having to visit your doctor to write you a fresh prescription each time they run out.

There are several UK-based online services that allow you to get repeat Ventolin prescriptions after completing a consultation about your condition electronically. The NHS also has a system in place by which your GP can coordinate with your chosen pharmacy electronically, so they’ll have your prescribed medicine ready each time you need a refill.

For those who go through multiple asthma inhalers in a month, a Pre-Payment Certificate might also prove to be a cost cutting solution. At present, you can get a PPC valid for three months for 29.10 GBP, or a PPC valid for 12 months for 104 GBP.